“We Are The End Of The World,” TWD 10X02 (review)

“We Are The End Of The World,” TWD (10X02) *contains very minor spoilers* https://images.app.goo.gl/15JndT7pGnXuDEY79 The juxtaposition was great, exceptional even, without being confusing. Directed by the incomparable Greg Nicotero and written by Nicole Mirante-Matthews, the episode shifted between past (seven years prior,) and present, and unlike most split narratives, neither side was uneven. Both were […]

In Pursuit of Light Review

bookshelves: fantasy, epic, kindle, science-fiction, defies-categorization Rating: 3/5 stars I received an e-copy from the proprietor of an online fantasy group. It was his passion for the genre (especially Indie writers,) which made this review copy possible. My opinions are my own. Feel free to check out his group, Fantasy Focus: https://www.facebook.com/groups/16412… Each smile feels like it’s connected to my […]

Prophet review

  bookshelves: religious, spiritual, classics, political-intrigue, intellectual, favorites Recommended for: Truth seekers everywhere. Rating: 4/5 stars Frank Peretti, affectionately known as “The Father of Christian Fiction,” became known to me at a very early age. I was likely in sixth or seventh grade. I remember because in the fourth, I started attending Sunday School regularly, during which time my dad and stepmother […]

As Good As New review

bookshelves: to-read, dystopian, science-fiction, tor-com, fantasy, short-stories Recommended to Dustin by: TL Rating: 3/5 stars Marisol got into an intense relationship with the people on The Facts of Life, to the point where Tootie and Mrs. Garrett became her imaginary best friends and she shared every last thought with them. She told Tootie about the rash she got from wearing the same bra every […]

The Osiris Child (film review)

By all logic, The Osiris Child SHOULD have been good, worthy of one’s time, or, at the very least, a decent sci-fi thriller. I mean, just check out the trailer (conveniently secreted in this deceptively positive review,) and most people would probably be convinced of its goodness. But after wasting ninety minutes last night, I […]