Needful Things review

bookshelves: classics, horror, satire, buddy-read, favorites Recommended for: small town America Read 2 times. Last read October 22, 2015 to January 3, 2016. Rating: 5/5 stars   My obsession with Stephen King started in the summer of 1993. I entered ninth grade that fall. I devoured many of his works between that time and when I embarked on what is perhaps one of […]

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child review

bookshelves: fantasy, coming-of-age, plays, favorites, it-s-j-k-rowling Recommended to Dustin by: Teresa Recommended for: all Harry Potter fanatics. Rating: 5/5 stars   With a past that refuses to stay where it belongs. A struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected […]

The Word review

bookshelves: mystery, religious, classics, challenging-literature,historical-fiction Recommended for: history buffs everywhere, with an emphasis on religion and archaeology. Rating: 3.5 stars   New York in the 1970’s, business is booming. Amongst the world’s top businessmen is Steven Randall, head of a successful public relations firm. Around him, the government is growing increasingly secretive and equally controlling. Big Business has devolved into […]

Beyond Dracula: Bram Stoker’s Fiction And Its Cultural Context

bookshelves: non-fiction, nook, literary-criticism, favorites, life-altering-books Recommended for: Anyone wanting to know more about Stoker. Rating: 5/5 stars   A huge debt of gratitude is owed to my friend, Aloha, whose generosity brought this book to my attention, and allowed me to read it electronically. After seeing the astronomical asking prices of Amazon, I am forever grateful. I’d imagine that the […]

It review

bookshelves: challenging-literature, classics, cover-love, buddy-read,psychological, horror, favorites, re-read, mythology-folflore Rating: 5/5 stars   Once, in a world not unlike our own, a young man sat on the precipice of what the horror genre was then. In a sense, he was straddling the threshold of what it was, and what it could be. However, the general consensus is that he wasn’t attempting to alter […]

The Last Jihad (Book I)

bookshelves: library, political-science, religious, speculative-fiction,thriller, historical-fiction, war, middle-east, favorites Recommended for: Ruth 4/5 stars   Author’s Note Inexplicably, New York Times author, Joel C. Rosenbergpredicted 9/11. In fact, he wrote about being deep in the writing process of the rough draft on the morning of that fateful day. Needless to say, he was taken aback. He was mortified and did not know what to do, […]

Kill The Farm Boy (The Tales of Pell, #1) by Kevin Hearne and Delilah S. Dawson (not a review)

bookshelves: to-read, fantasy, want-to-own, mythology-folflore   Oh, my gosh. This sounds like the most unique, creative, and fun premise that I’ve read in a very long time; mayhaps ever. From Amazon: In an irreverent new series in the tradition of Terry Pratchett novels and The Princess Bride, the New York Times bestselling authors of the Iron Druid Chronicles and Phasma reinvent fantasy, fairy tales, and floridly written […]