“Gina/Blair,” (a Tales of the Walking Dead television review)

I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. The fact that I enjoyed it more than the pilot episode surprises the hell out of me, because normally I LOATHE time loop scenarios (think Groundhog Day, with zombies,) and I think that’s because they wrote it somewhat differently. Sure, it became repetitive very quickly, but in […]

Tales of The Walking Dead, “Joe/Evie,” (television review)

After a sudden loss forces reclusive, former Ohio State football player, Joe, out into a world under populated by “toe-tags,” it’s not long before he meets an unorthodox companion. Written by Maya Goldsmith and Ben Sokolowski and directed by  Ron Underwood (Tremors,) the pilot episode of the latest spin-off, Tales of the Walking Dead, immediately […]

The Blood of the Spear (The Eye of Eternity #1) book review

bookshelves: epic, fantasy, challenging-literature, indie-publishing, spfbo, favorites, kindle Recommended for: nostalgic fantasy fans everywhere. Rating: 5/5 DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary e-copy from Storytellers on Tour, in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own. https://www.instagram.com/sot_tours/ There are two very specific things that will most likely capture your attention: 1.) the ridiculously talented and sought after talent of cover artists Felix Ortiz and Shawn […]

Brain, Heart, World (a docuseries review)

 *Full disclosure: I wrote this during #NoPornNovember with every intention of publishing it as part of that movement. But as time passed and I thought more about what I had to say, and then juxtaposed it on a personal level with pornography and how normalized it’s become in everyday society, I’m ashamed to admit it, […]

Dead Headspace (a podcast review)

Dead Headspace is podcast that doesn’t seem to get very much recognition. Given that it’s relatively new, a lot of readers and fans of dark fiction probably aren’t aware of it and I totally get that. It takes years to build up a loyal audience. But the quality of what Brennan LaFaro and Patrick R. […]

Meandering musings..

“The only regrets in life are the paths not taken.” I ran a Google search of said quote, convinced that it had to be something I’d heard or read before (possibly something similar but worded differently,) but nothing came up. The quote abruptly made itself known in my head, as these things often do, and […]

War on Christmas (book review)

bookshelves: horror, novella, kindle, fantasy, favorites When tragedy befalls virtuous St. Nick on Christmas Eve, his hands are forced. As a result, he must join forces with an unlikely ally. Together, they collect information in order to combat hordes of demonic entities known as Naughties and, in turn, discover who (or what) is plotting against Santa Claus and his ilk. Yet […]

The Sword of Kaigen (book review)

bookshelves: challenging-literature, spfbo, grimdark, we-need-diverse-books, asian, science-fantasy, martial-arts, standalone, coming-of-ageRecommended to Dustin by: Michael Sliter Rating: 2/5 stars M.L. Wang won Mark Lawrence SPFBO competition in 2019, and having finished her novel a while ago and after a lot of consideration, I cannot understand why. I literally cannot wrap my mind around why it won, how it accrued so many gushingly positive reviews, or how it garnered […]

Maiden (Book Review)

bookshelves: horror, netgalley, lgbtq+, creature-feature, nautical, favorites, literary, content-warning Rating: 4/5 Preface: the authors are not overly concerned about offending anyone. They said as much in the opening pages. But that doesn’t mean they’re intentionally trying to trigger anyone. There’s a reason that its intended readership is a mature one. There’s also validity to the trigger content warning. Should you need a rundown of […]

My Heart Is a Chainsaw (book review)

”Brutal, beautiful, and unforgettable, My Heart Is a Chainsaw is a visceral ride from start to finish. A bloody love letter to slasher fans, it’s everything I never knew I needed in a horror novel.”-Gwendolyn Kiste, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens arc, coming-of-age, filmmakers, horror, intellectual, mental-illness, metafiction, mystery, netgalley, read, slashers, want-to-own Rating: 4/5 stars Now, in many ways and for many reasons, Stephen Graham […]