Wolves of The Calla

Hmmm… what to say about Wolves.. It’s been about a week and a half since I finished reading it, and I remain uncertain as to how I actually feel about it.

First and foremost is Sai King’s exquisite writing. It has never disappointed me in the past, and this certainly isn’t an exception. If anything, my second journey with Roland and his ka-tet has served to heighten my heartfelt appreciation and respect for his work.
I also love the Calla, how it’s vividly described, and all it entails. I especially enjoyed the incorporation of Pere Callahan’s character. However, I’m not sure if his extensive back story was entirely necessary to the Tet’s quest. Admittedly, I think it’s relevant to the series, and it certainly goes far toward character development, but I ask again: it it wholly necessary? That I cannot say. It’s definitely interesting, though.
But the Father (Donald Callahan, from ‘Salem’s Lot,) isn’t the only one “telling tales.” There are two additional ones told, which are-in the long run-helpful in figuring out the mystery that is Wolves of the Calla. One, in particular, brings to light a HUGE advantage in the form of Susannah’s Riza throwing abilities.

Additionally, I very much enjoyed the friendship between Jake and Benny Slightman the Younger.

As for the actually battle itself, it almost seems anti-climatic, due mostly to the nearly constant up-build and hype throughout the novel, and the fact that it lasts a mere five minutes.
Keep in mind, I said “almost anti-climatic.” With the unanticipated and sudden cliffhanger, I think King makes up for the slight letdown of a battle.

All in all, another fantastic Dark Tower installment!


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