I often get completely caught up in every day life that I tend to forget the things that REALLY matter: my faith in the Heavenly Father, my family, friends. I must remind myself that it’s not all about me. I’m in the process of trying to figure out why I get into such mind-sets, but I’m left scratching at the surface, desperate for answers. Why must everything be all or nothing, my way of the highway, so to speak? Why am I always so tightly wound, as if an internal time bomb’s about to go off if things don’t go as I’d planned? Please Lord, give me eyes to see, and the wisdom, knowledge, and ability to change my sinful ways. Amen.

And while there’s no doubt, whatsoever, that the Lord put me on this earth for very specific reasons, one of which is the writing of stories that glorify and please Him, sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth the time and energy necessary to achieve said goals. Writing takes immense sacrifice, it’s about involving yourself in something much larger than yourself. It’s also time I could be spending with my beautiful wife, Tanya Frueh, my two handsome stepsons, Brandon Mccoin-Roy and Jeremiah Roy, and last but certainly not least, our adorable six-month-old, Carter Jaxon. I may not always show it, but please know that I love you all very, very much, and would do anything for you.


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