The Promised Land… (Our Souls to Keep, #0.5)

5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: speculative-fiction, fringe, to-read-2014, religious, psychological, horror, favorites, nook
Recommended for: Everyone!
Read on October 04, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

I received the e-file from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Meet Wake Reynolds. At 17, he’s endured more than anyone should have to, certainly more than most kids his age. More than most adults with a long, fulfilling lives under their belt, in fact. Purely out of necessity, he’s living a life of diligence, for his 5-year-old brother, Jacob, and their alcohol mother, greatly rely on him. In a way, he sees himself as their protector against the nefariousness of the world, but primarily against their chemically dependent father/husband.

And the only thing that’s keeping him sane, his sole comfort, is his unyielding faith in God. But when the lines of fantasy and reality begin to blur, will he follow his heart? Or perhaps an entirely different path emerges, forcing him into a life of self-preservation..?

“The nature of faith is to accept that many of our questions will go unanswered. I don’t know why your mother is sick. But I do know that Satan wants us the challenge God when we’re angry, or when we have loss in our lives. The greater distance we are from God’s embrace, the happier Satan is. You must always remember that God will protect those who accept Him, especially in times of desperation and despair.”

-Father Noviello

Nearing the end of this excellent prequel to the Our Souls to Keep trilogy, Caruso truly had me second-guessing myself as I desperately tried to fathom just where, exactly, he was taking it. The dialogue and visuals really popped, and the story itself is well-written and unpredictable, but if anyone had told me in advance that it would evolve the way it does, I would have been skeptical. I might have even called you a liar, given the right mood. I would have been in the wrong, however, because the ending is so shocking and disturbing and simply raw (for lack of a better word,) that my jaw literally dropped. Days later, part of me still can’t believe it.

Very nicely done, Gary! You’ve written an incredibly impressive start, and I compulsively jumped into the the first book immediately


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