A Decade with King: 1995-2004

Edward Lorn

?But?this is important?tell me a story, one that has a beginning and a middle and an end where everything is explained. Because I deserve that. Don’t shake the rattle of your ambiguity in my face. I deny its place. I repudiate its claim. I want a story.? From a Buick 8, by Stephen King

Welcome back, Constant Reader.

Prefatory Matters: Back in September 2014, I decided to reread Stephen King?s entire catalog, chronologically, by date of publication. Then, I went a bit further. I decided to complete this challenge in a single year. That?s a decade of King every three months. These posts will be a bit emotional, as they are my personal experiences with King?s work. For spoiler-laden reviews of each novel, you can click on the corresponding title. At the end, I will attempt to tie all books back into the Dark Tower using my…

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