Offering Cheap Cover Design

Are you in need a book cover but unsure of where to go? Then check out the amazing work of fellow writer Edward Lorn. He’s charging $50 for the next ten customers. He can do pretty much anything, including posters, audio book covers, album covers, and font work.

Check it out.:)

Edward Lorn

I’m cutting my teeth at cover design as a business. I’ve been doing my own covers for over a year now and finally feel comfortable offering my services to people and getting paid for it. I’m attaching several covers for books I’ve submitted to publishers and won’t be needing, or covers I created for fun. They cover a wide range of styles and genres, but I can do most anything.

Anyway, give them a look. If you know anyone who needs a cover, I’m only charging $50 a piece for the next ten covers I create. I’m willing to work with individuals and publishers alike. If you’re interested, comment below or email me at

Also, I can do posters, album covers, Audible covers, and font work on original artwork as well.

Thanks in advance for spreading the word!

*hugs and high fives*


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