YA Fantasy Books With No Love Triangles – Part 1

Are you are tired to the hevily cliched love triangle as I am? Then check out Lena’s fantastic blog and Part I of her list of epic/grimdark fantasy which feature very little romance.:)

Awesome job, Lena!!

Leona's Blog of Shadows

I’m mainly a High Fantasy/Grimdark reader but I enjoy reading decent YA Fantasy every now and then. However, all the modern YA fantasy I see in the blogosphere is usually centered around teen romance and the love triangle cliche.

Nothing wrong with teen romances with fantasy elements if they are marketed as such, but it greatly annoys me when the books are promoted as epic or heroic fantasy and turn out to be teen romances centered around love triangles.

Dystopian YA Fantasy these days means teen love triangle with some magic elements, and quite a number of people I know wrinkle their noses when they hear the term YA Fantasy. I still think of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson when you say YA Fantasy, but many other folks think ‘Hunger Games ripoff with annoying love triangle’, and it’s rather sad.

I’ve seen a lot of bookish folk complain about this…

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2 thoughts on “YA Fantasy Books With No Love Triangles – Part 1

    1. I know, right? Leona’s series of blogs exposing the ridiculousness of such a cliched subject is spot-on and beautiful! I can’t wait to check out some of the showcases books and Parts I & II.:) She is awesome, indeed!

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