How many of you would read this?

Leona Henry is at the top of my Authors To Watch list. Check out this fascinating post regarding her upcoming The Coin of Liberius trilogy, and insight into her research, which is crazy ambition and awe-inspiring!

Leona's Blog of Shadows

I just realized I haven’t plugged my book in my own blog so I will remedy this now: My debut novelis going to be published by Realmwalker Publishing Group.

Here is the info from the officialpress release:

The Coin of Liberius, is a dark epic fantasy in the tradition of George R R Martin and R. Scott Bakker, dealing with the collapse of the fictional Lagharian Empire and the consequences of power, corruption, and betrayal, as well as the nature of salvation.Unlike the majority of epic fantasy, the novels are set within a Near-Eastern culture, rooted in the political and cultural elements of the medieval Byzantine, Seljuk and Persian Empires, Turkic-Mongolian shamanism, and the folklore of the Near East.This gives it a unique perspective very different from the more Western European cultural perspective of most epic fantasy, whileproviding an interesting new twist to the highly popular tropes of…

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