Class Session Number Seven: Embracing Revision

There is so much more to the revision process than I ever thought imaginable. So much so that I’m dividing my extensive notes into two blog posts. I should have the second part posted in a few days. I hope you enjoy them, and take something away from them.   Craft Elements v. Writing Habits […]

Class Session Number Six: Immersion in Setting: Description and World-Building

Some primary thoughts on description… -Images can convey emotional change more powerfully than plain statement (hence, “Show, Don’t Tell.”) -Great description is never static. -Arrangement and sequencing of detail are crucial for structuring a reader’s access to a vividly rendered world. -Description can serve to further psychological development. -Description can function as a hinge, swinging […]

Veteran’s Day Beckons, Part Two

I had planned on posting the second half of this practice assignment, but those that expressed an interest in reading it  truly inspired me to do it. I am thankful that you like my writing. This one’s for you. I hope you enjoy it.   I walk away from the relics of war and death […]

Veteran’s Day Beckons…

Week Six of class taught the importance of description applied to world-building. In preparation for the assignment, we were asked to go to any location where we wouldn’t be interrupted and fully immerse ourselves in the intimate details of nature and to write about the experience. I chose the park down the street from us, […]

Class Session Number Five: Voice and Setting

How does voice lead to setting? -Research goes a long way in creating authentic characters, setting, and voice. This is a huge task to get right. -According to Naomi Jackson, author of The Star Side of Bird Hill, “purposeful inquisitiveness” consists of “asking questions with an eye to using it in your novel. And you […]

NaNoWriMo 2015

So after much consideration, I’ve decided to give NaNo another go. I initially attempted it three years ago (though I give up much too easily,) but to be fair I had a lot going on then. You see, on the 9th of that month, our son was born and it wasn’t an easy delivery. Not […]

Reading the Dead

Originally posted on Everything I Never Told You:
I love my dead relatives like I love the broken spine of my favorite book I love the bent back pages and the sad dust cover of ruin. I’ll never discard it. I take it out often and bookmark it in memories. In the chapters, I want…