Dark Matter Review

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I know it’s only February, but this joker has taken a substantial lead in the race for my 2016 Book of the Year. I’ve read and reviewed several of Blake Crouch’s novels: the Wayward Pines series, Run, and Desert Places. I have yet to read a bad Crouch book. Up…

Finally Beloved (Happy Valentine’s Day, 2016)

I haven’t written much poetry, but in light of the day, I thought I’d share.   There once was a woman, fully grown of much delight Who loved almost nothing in her sight   And try as she might there were none she could quite like   Until one night, stricken by fright, a Man […]

Human- The Name of Her Being

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Imagine the soulless trafficker holding a young girl’s life in his hands. Imagine the young girl in front of him, eyes glazed from the heroin he’s forced her to inject. The unturned years stolen. Her body’s lexicon the clamor of sharks to blood, the swarm of hornets.…


Originally posted on Edward Lorn:
MARGINS should be ready for upload by tomorrow or the next day. I’m really proud of this one. ? Synopsis: ? Have you ever truly loved a book? ? Jamie loves to read. She lives alone, and her only friend, or more accurately, only known acquaintance, is Ms. Marsh, the…