Chasing Light years

Christina Strigas

I raised over two hundred dollars

for leukemia. I chased light years

for your embrace. I keep on

confessing in the dark to my

own ghost. It seems that ghosts

like to play games with my senses

and turn off my switches.
Your arms were like a bear’s.

A Bear Hug.

I could not let go

but someone always must be

the stronger of the two.

The moon has something to

say to me, so I wait for a date

with you instead.
I would choose you over the moon

and I would travel to you

instead of the craters. I fell

deep once, and keep on

looking back for you.
The distance is how the ocean

feels when I touch it after months

of neglect.

The distance is how the earth

knows our sighs

as we face east to west.
Tomorrow, I hope to raise more

for the Montreal…

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