The Roaming Grenery

bookshelves: short-stories, comedic, mental-illness

Recommended for: everyone

Read on April 04, 2016, read count: 2

4/5 stars…

This was my introduction to Edward Lorn, and though I realize that it pales in comparison to his other work, knowing this did not take anything away from my enjoyment. I think that The Roaming Greenery was a great introduction. This was also a reread for me, but that didn’t change anything. Parts of it still surprised and impressed me. In fact, I have a deeper appreciation for Lorn’s intense work ethic and the story itself, which is startlingly complex, given its brevity. It’s only three pages, but in that space, Bob’s character is developed fairly well, and the details are vivid. And only after it’s finished do you really see the subtleties, given early on that should have clued me in but somehow didn’t. I missed one of them both times. I might add that even though said clues are given within the first couple paragraphs, I imagine them hiding just below the surface, doing Lorn’s handiwork from start the finish, and working on many levels, too.

This is flash fiction. In order to write the genre (or subgenre) successfully, the author must do so with extreme brevity. And Ed Lorn does just that, in a major way. I think that’s what impresses me the most about this piece: he packs a lot into the allotted three pages, and leaves you thirsty for more; much more. I’ve read longer short stories that weren’t written as well or as simplistically, whose characters weren’t as developed as Bob, and weren’t nearly as fun as this. Recommended!

*It’s no secret that Ed Lorn and I are friends, but even if that weren’t true, I think I’d enjoy this just as much. I really do.*


5 thoughts on “The Roaming Grenery

    1. It is my pleasure.:) I think that every reader should see just how good Edward Lorn is. Though I should warn you that most of his other work is apparently really dark and disturbing. He writes horror, so if you’re not into the genre, kindly disregard what I just said. The Roaming Greenery is pretty harmless, though,

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