Featured Writer – Carl Webber

Check out Carl Webber’s take on the lies that the world tells us, and what is actually true. His prose is absolutely stunning, in my opinion!

Putting My Feet in the Dirt


The Journey…

Masquerade through the charade till this pretense starts to fade.

Abound by all that surrounds, told to keep our  feet applied firmly to the ground.

Educated to a standard set by who? Is what is false false and true really true?

What is right is it right and what is wrong is it wrong? Read from the same hymn sheet, sing the same old song.

See you can’t really see, you can’t see the spirit that is within me.

My true identity, my real core being, seeing isn’t always believing.

It’s a notion that people just can’t grasp, are we sent here, here for task?

Questions can mount and cloud our wandering mind, this is a mask you look at but can’t see inside.

Do you think your brain controls your very being? Just because of what it tells you, what you have been told? What matter you…

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