Featured Writer – Ashley Moss

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Putting My Feet in the Dirt


I’ll Be Your Angel

When you’re alone and feeling blue,

When you don’t know what to do,

When you need a friend to talk to

and you’re wondering who,

Because I have problems too,

I’ll be your angel.

I’ll be your angel in the heat

of the night.

When you don’t have the

strength to, for you I’ll fight.

I’ll be your angel when the

world seems cold.

When you come to my heart

broken, your hand I’ll hold.

I’ll be your angel.

I’m not dressed in robes

 of white.

 Yet, I’ll be a pillar of strength

for you.

I don’t have wings, and am

not always right.

Yet, I’ll inspire hope in


I don’t have a halo, that’s


Yet, I’ll pray for you.

Whenever you’re feeling

down, give me a call.

I’ll catch you if you fall.

Because I believe in you,

I’ll be your angel.


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