Seeing Evil

bookshelves: horror, psychological, favorites
Read from March 16 to April 15, 2016 , read count: once

Disclaimer: Jason is a friend of mine, but even if he wasn’t, my opinions would stand. The writing is excellent, his characters are finely developed and there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing. Add to all that a sadistic antagonist who’s unlike any I’ve encountered and you’ve got a top notch, edge-of-seat paranormal thriller. Not for the faint of heart.

I mentioned the writing, which is refined and precise, but there’s one paragraph in particular that I had to include, if only because it has stuck with me in the intervening months since I finished this book. It’s been a month. It is not only my favorite passage, but the creativity and uniqueness of it must be commended. Phenomenal writing, Jason!

The house was more bisymmetrical than a human face and sort of looked like one, too. Windows on each side of the front door served as its eyes, gazing upon the outside world while their shutter-lids kept the outside from looking in. The door was its long, flat nose, the stairs its clenched teeth. Not a face. A skull.

As good as that it, the author builds upon it in the next paragraph, in ways that are incredibly profound and awe-inspiring.

The only qualms I had were with the premonitions themselves (view spoiler) And because of this, the denouement felt far too easy. Earlier in the novel, some of the details make the protagonist’s job harder, and tells us that (view spoiler) He also didn’t wrap everything up with neat bow ties, which leaves some things open.

4.5 stars


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