Review Copies Available for the Following Books

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The following books desperately need reviews. If you’re interested in horror or graphically-violent thrillers (seriously graphic, not just saying that to be edgy) comment on this post, message me, or email me at I refuse to spam or use other shady means to get reviews. Other than occasional specials…

Useful Podcasts For Writers #writers #writerslife

Do you struggle to get motivated to writer? If you’re anything like me, story ideas and getting started are like my high, and when I crash, I crash HARD. Afterward, it’s very difficult to regain that momentum and faith in myself. It’s almost impossible, really. So I thought I’d pass these podcasts on, in the […]

Book cover reveal

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Dear readers. This is the book cover for my soon to be released poetry book. For everyone that has stuck with me along this publishing to self-publishing ride, all I can say is :I thank you. I curtsy and applaud all writers who self-publish. It’s hard enough to put together…

Don’t Tell Gay People How To Mourn: Dominick Pupa

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Dominick Pupa posted this in response to the recent and horrific Orlando shootings at Pulse nightclub, which thousands of people have liked and shared. Facebook deleted it, so I wanted to share this on the blog. It’s rare that I will make social commentary, but this is an incredible message……

The Wheel of Osheim is out now!

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? The Wheel of Osheim, the third book of the Red Queen’s War series by Mark Lawrence,  is out in the U.S. today from Ace Books and was released by HarperVoyager in the UK last Thursday, 2nd June 2016! . “All the horrors of Hell stand between Snorri Ver…