Christina Strigas – Crush – Review

Whoa, phenomenal review! I was kind of on the fence about reading it, mostly because the whole vampire storyline is cliche, especially when romance is thrown into the mix, but Nadia convinced me that what Chrissy did with it IS DIFFERENT. And I’m all about originality and creativity.

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After I’ve read her fabulous poetry book Your Ink On My Soul (my review is right here), I had no doubt how talented Chrisitna is. I had heard many good aspects of her novel Crush so I decided to purchase it and read it in 2 days ! And I LOVED it !
Crush is a paranormal romance in which a girl Maria is torn between her love for Jack, a human and fantastic person, and her denied love for his best friend Hunter, a vampire. Before you stop reading this thinking that this is going to be a -bad- twilight book or -again – another vampire story … let me tell you that I don’t usually like vampires (yeah … sorry to disappoint but I’m not crazy about the Twilight series lol) but Christina made me LOVE vampires in her book !!! Maybe because they aren’t really as we usually imagine…

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