Book cover reveal

I am incredibly proud of my friend and poet, Christina Stringas, and all that she’s accomplished thus far. I know this is only beginning, too. I feel honored to share the news of her upcoming poetry collection. Won’t you join her?

Christina Strigas

Dear readers.
This is the book cover for my soon to be released poetry book. For everyone that has stuck with me along this publishing to self-publishing ride, all I can say is :I thank you. I curtsy and applaud all writers who self-publish. It’s hard enough to put together a book, let alone publishing it. I pulled my fucking hair out along the way so many times. So many hours of staring at my laptop wondering what the fuck did I do now? For instance, clicking on accept instead of revise and somehow or other led to some scammers and hackers…then my husband took the phone and told them where to stick it as I sat there wondering I thought I was talking to kindlepublishing sales team.

Drink a bit more.

Then praying that my chapbook is formatted properly because I clicked the wrong button. Refusing to pay someone…

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4 thoughts on “Book cover reveal

    1. I know, right?:) I love it!!

      You should definitely check out some of Chrissy’s poetry– it is amazing and beautiful and honest. A lot like yours, actually, but different.

  1. I am having a great day, thank you. How’s yours been? I love to help our fellow creatives, especially Indie writers. I’m glad you know and love her work.:)

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