Useful Podcasts For Writers #writers #writerslife

Do you struggle to get motivated to writer? If you’re anything like me, story ideas and getting started are like my high, and when I crash, I crash HARD. Afterward, it’s very difficult to regain that momentum and faith in myself. It’s almost impossible, really.

So I thought I’d pass these podcasts on, in the hopes of helping someone, and to bring some joy.


Useful Podcasts For Writers

Podcasts are a wonderful free resource for writers. Over the past few months I have overhauled my writing life and my newfound love of podcasts has played a key role in this transformation.

Below are the podcasts that have helped me reach a happier creative place:

  1. MWF Motivation.Rob Dial, motivational author, speaker and coach presents this podcast and he has had a huge impact on my creative life. In the past I have struggled with writing motivation and wasted a lot of time whining about how tired I feel, how I have not achieved any of my goals and how I have been working on the wrong stuff. Rob has changed me! I liken this podcast to a ‘stern talking to!” – you know when someone takes you aside, tells you to get a grip of yourself , to stop moaning and just get on with it? This is…

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