Camp NaNoWriMo 2016

That’s right, it’s that time again, folks!
Last year was my first time at Camp and I had a blast. My cabin mates were super supportive and encouraging. They invariably kept me going when I wanted to give up (that’s FEAR talking, and all FEAR are lies,) and I couldn’t have asked for a more positive and rewarding experience. I learned a lot from from them, and I’d like to believe they can say the same.

But I was assigned a whole new cabin today, and while there hasn’t been much chatter thus far, there’s still hope that this month will be just as amazing (if not more so,) than last year, and help Camp NaNoWriMo become a tradition.

*Here’s to many laughs, friendships honed, happy tears shed, and many literary adventures to behold!*

Happy writing, y’all!

Are you going to Camp this month? It’s not too late to join! Meet me in the comments section and let’s chat.


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