Camp NaNoWriMo: an update

First, I wanted to share this wonderful post on the power of a writing community, and how it changed the way Lorena Pimentel (a Brazilian journalist and much more,) saw writing and the amazing power of the writing community.

Here it is:

I hope you all enjoy it.:)

Update: there were I think four days that I faltered, that because I had absolutely no desire to write and do much of anything, I did not write. I didn’t do anything but feel sorry for myself and laid in bed. I felt alone, depressed and worth nothing. Discouragement gets me every time. I almost gave up, in fact. But the point I’m trying to make is, I didn’t give up. I got off my lazy butt and began to write, first thing every morning. For the first few days, and some since then, I had to force myself to write, which is never easy, but you know what? I did it, and I feel much better about myself. Writing is a drug, it boosts me up and gives me the energy and confidence that I need to get through my days. And the funny thing is, once I do force myself and I am in that zone (“the auto zone,” suddenly sprang to my mind,) it doesn’t feel like a chore any more. It’s fun again and I love it. The words flow by and before I know it, the timer for my word sprints is up and I’ve achieved what I thought was impossible: words and words on the page. Nowadays, I’ve upped my word sprints to anywhere between four and six (I was doing three before,) which has resulted in thirteen hundred and nearly two thousand words every day.

Day Eighteen is done and I’ve written a total of 19,336 words, with the tentative goal of thirty thousand. I reached the three quarter mark today. AT this rate-and I will not quite, I promise you that– I will easily hit my goal, and then some.

I do not say any of this to brag, but simply to keep you up-to-date, which is a promise I made to one of my followers.

What are you all working on lately? Have you set any goals? How are you faring? I’ll meet you in the comments section, if you’re up to chatting. Until then, take care of you and yours!


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