Camp NaNoWriMo Winner

Seeing as how I’ve posted a couple updates, I thought it only fitting that I share the results with you all. The link below says it all, I think. Check it out, will you?

Please disregard that. Word Press isn’t allowing me to share the thread, so I’ll simply copy/paste from my Facebook page. Here goes:


With a total word count of 30,848 and a goal of 30,000 I am proud to call myself a Camp winner. But this accomplishment means much more to me than hitting 30k; I proved to myself that I CAN and WILL do this. All of the doubt and fear (of many kinds,) and all of my insecurities and dreary days mean nothing, because I am stronger than the lies the world tells you and I. I am stronger than I ever knew. I also know that this is only the beginning of my journey, and I am embracing the heartache and joy, the sadness and ecstasy, the light and dark. Every day’s an adventure– embrace every moment and never forget your roots. Be thankful for everything, the good and the bad.

I want to thank Tanya Frueh, Marie E Davies, Laura Custodio, Kirstin Stein Pulioff, Logan Goodrich, and everyone that has supported, encouraged and believed in me, even when I had zero faith in myself. Without you all, I would have surely crumbled, only to find myself again. I genuinely love and thank every one of you. Thank you.

Always remember that “every story matters.”

We all have a unique voice to find in ourselves, and only we can tell our stories.

Embrace diversity.

Let love reign, squash the hatred.

((((Big Hugs))))))


3 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Winner

  1. Uggh! I really wanted to share the photo of my winning certificate, but WP won’t let me. And I’m not trying to brag, but I am proud and if there’s one thing this journey has taught me, it’s to put less focus on the progress I’ve made; celebrate the small steps along the way, instead. But really, I just wanted you all to see it because it’s beautiful and this post doesn’t feel complete without it..

    Please feel free to follow me at

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