Life, Light, Love review


It is always a pleasure ti receive anything from an author, especially one that you know personally. Receiving Vivian Rider’s Life, Light, Love was doubly exciting because my wife and I had been anticipating its arrival for quite some time.


However, as we took turns reading it to our four year old son, Carter (who has become passionate about reading, I’m proud to add,) it was clear that while the message was resounding and breathtaking and a voice of maturity, the artwork left something to be desired.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I realize that the illustrations used in books aren’t as important as its message–I get that, I really do– but there’s a disconnect between the art published here and those in Rider’s previous work, Thank You For The Giraffes. I was expecting more of the same creativity and mind-blowing uniqueness. I cannot put into words the complexity and sheer awesomeness which helps comprise the latter. It’s all that and so much more.

On the other hand, Life, Light, Love touches on one subject that I never could have expected: war. It lasts only two pages, but they speak volumes. I think this was incredibly brave and it adds to her maturity as a writer, three-fold.

To quote her: “We grow by learning that if we hurt others, we hurt ourselves because we are all one;”


 “Our Earthly lives are important

because we are learning compassion,

kindness and generosity.

We are teaching others to not

be fearful.

We are finding our God spark.

As our souls grow as approach joy,

love, light, and Paradise.”


Illustrated by Vivian Rider and Reyna Aparicio.


Thank you, again, for this wonderful gift and opportunity.


4/5 stars


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