The Walking Dead, issue #1…

5/5 stars
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Recommended to Dustin by: Stepheny
Recommended for: anyone that’s passionate about art and great storytelling.


I owe a great deal of gratitude to Stepheny Zimmerman, for convincing me to try this in the first place, eons ago. Most likely, I probably wouldn’t have ever tried it, let alone enjoyed it. Thank you, buddy.

Now, having watched The Walking Dead a number of times, I thought I knew what to expect, and I was both right and wrong. On the one handle, the comprising twenty-six black and gray pages are nearly identical to the pilot episode. On the other, there seems to be more heart and soul here; more anticipation.

One of the series’ recurring themes-humanity itself–takes center stage, superimposing the carnage of the walking dead themselves. Another striking element is the artwork, a lot of which blew my mind and will haunt me forever. Seeing the characters made me realize just how SPOT-ON the show’s cast truly is. Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James fully personify them as seen here. I can barely process it.

Said artwork of Robert Kirkman and Co. crept up on me, too. I can’t emphasize this enough because the first few pages underwhelmed me, but before long, I had passed the halfway point and nearly every panel impressed me in some way or another. I cannot describe the feelings better than that. Looking back on page one, there’s some disconnect, as the two look and feel almost like polar opposites of one another.

It was neat to see it all unfold in another medium. It felt akin to magic to behold the immaculate likenesses of Rick, Morgan, and little Duane. Seeing them in general was spectacular, and I greatly anticipate reading this series, which I love even more now. I never it was possible to love and admire the hard work and dedication more than I already did, but somehow I do, and that’s a powerful thing.

Now I just really, really need the the next issue, and the next, ad infinitum.


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