Beware of Amazon (Author Spotlight)

Hello, all.:_)

It’s been a while since my last post, and there’s a valid reason for that. In simplistic terms: the hard drive in my laptop collapsed, fried, whatever you’d like to call it. That isn’t the purpose of this post. however.

I want to start by saying that I did not author the following link. My good friend and fellow creative did, and I think it’s worth sharing because the topic’s an important one.


This really resonated with me, as it should all readers and writers and, well, everyone who cares about fairness and literature. Michael’s post struck me so much that I had to write a brief response, and it’s this:


Wow, phenomenal post, Mike! It’s well-written as usual and insightful (actually, I found it to be equally fascinating and eye-opening,) with plenty of fun along the way, despite these genuinely unfortunate turn of events.

 As a whole, I couldn’t agree more. As readers and content creators, we need diversity. It’s not just unrealistic, but virtual insanity to place all of one’s hopes, dreams and fears in a single outlet; as well as all of one’s hard work, energy, revenue and dire frustrations. Insanity, I tell ya.

 It’s utter crap that Amazon won’t allow the consumer -their source of income– the freedom to post their personal reviews if you haven’t spent $50 or more, or if it’s an unvarified purchase. I completely understand why they implemented said policies, but you shouldn’t HAVE TO purchase the product from them in order to post your personalized thoughts and/or opinions on the site. It’s b.s.

 Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve received ARC’s and had every intention of supporting the author by sharing my review (by unspoken agreement or otherwise,) only to learn that what I submitted fell beneath certain criteria. Was I disappointed? Yes. But ultimately, this impacts the author and potential readers. 

 My most sincere condolences regarding Kindle Worlds and your novella, From The Ashes. 😦 This is a book that I would have gladly purchased beforehand, if I’d known it was going extinct, and if our financial situation were different, because it (all of your work, really,) sounds very promising. The majority of reviews are positive, too, folks. Check out Michael Patrick Hicks if you’re at all into sci-fi/horror/fantasy. 

 Thank you so much for writing this and, in so doing, bringing much awareness to these pressing issues; you opened my eyes in many ways, man. If nothing else, you’ve certainly given me a lot to consider, going forward in the journey. Thankee, sai. 







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