The Purpose-Driven Life (review)

Rating: 5/5 stars

Personally, this was much more than a book that I’ve mark off as read, even though finishing another always feels like a grand achievement. Rather, it defines to term “spiritual journey,” and I feel incredibly thankful for this buddy read; for my lovely wife, Tanya, for lending me her copy; and to Rick Warren for writing it. Most of all, I’ll forever be grateful to God, for setting ALL of it into motion, so that millions around the world may reap the benefits.

I’m proud of myself for completing this journey. Some of the lessons certainly weren’t easy to face (nor should they be,) because they were questions I’d been running away from for a very long time; years, actually. However, the road ahead, knowing what I know about the Christian lifestyle, is quite daunting and though I believe in my heart and mind that God never gives us more than we can handle (as long as we lean on Him and let Him intervene,) I’m not so sure I’m up the tasks ahead.

I’m scared of continually screwing up, and ashamed for running from God all these years. He must be really disappointed in me. That’s how I feel. I am sad, my heart is heavy with regret and shame. I feel like crying, but the tears rarely come any more. It’s like I’m tapped out.


One thought on “The Purpose-Driven Life (review)

  1. I LOVED how you broke this Review into Days. I loved this Review. IMO your Reviews are always GREAT and like smalls jewels to Read, something I always look forward to Reading.
    I loved when you wrote: page 171
    51.2% “Broken relationships are always worth repairing, and genuine peacemaking is rare because it isn’t easy.”
    That is so true, naturally and spiritually, really.
    Thank You for doing a Review for TPDL, Dustin.

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