Dreams of Halloween review


Rating: 4/5 stars

I’ve been a fan of both Evans and his brother, Adam Light, for at least three years. Probably closer to five. So it’s kind of surprising that although I’ve had the link to Dreams of Halloween and one by Adam, since December of 2015, I’m only now getting around to them.

I’m just glad I did.

Reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe, his locked room mystery was at the forefront of my mind, in spite of the inherent differences. Deeply phantasmagorical and psychological, it was difficult to know what exactly was taking place in the psyche, and reality. I think it requires a deft hand to convincingly, almost expertly, pull this off, which Evans did in spades. With tones and moods similar to iconic filmmakers such as Tim Burton, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, and David Fincher (Seven,) but without seemingly imitating their stories or styles, Evans prose was very simplistic, possibly even elegiac.


Her eyes are gone, replaced by empty sockets that gently weep blood onto her turquoise gown.

What actually happened, though? Was it merely a sequence of dreams, or had reality taken hold? And if so, was there something more sinister at bay?

I need more, Evans. Please.

To read this and Adam Light’s story, Trick ‘Em All for free, follow the link below. Don’t forget the importance of leaving reviews.


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