The Velveteen Rabbit (review)

bookshelves: children-s-literature, classics, favorites,fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars   Originally published in 1922 by the George H. Doran Company with heartwarming illustrations by Jean Chandler (new to this edition, circa 1986,) Margery Williams wrote a magical (albeit long, for Children’s Literature,) story about a tattered and weary stuffed rabbit, on the cusp of losing all hope of discovering how to […]

Apex Magazine Issue #95 (partial review)

  bookshelves: to-read, short-stories, science-fiction,fantasy, anthology, want-to-own Recommended to Dustin by: Amber Fallon   Available at the link below, Chesya Burke’s Say, She Toy, was unlike anything I’ve ever read, and chances are, I probably never will again. If I do, I’d be very surprised.Clocking in at just 2,600 words, Burke’s science-fiction tale expertly explored the horrors of racism, sexism, prejudice, and abuse, albeit […]

Trick ‘Em All review

bookshelves: horror, short-stories, the-2019-tbr-challenge, favorites Recommended for: Holly Torres Rating: 4/5 stars   This was another short story from the Light brothers that was waiting patiently, percolating in my inbox since December, 2015.   Follow the link to read it for free: Welcome to Normal, America, where the most exciting things to occur are the inevitable argument with your […]