Apex Magazine Issue #95 (partial review)


bookshelves: to-readshort-storiesscience-fiction,fantasyanthologywant-to-own

Recommended to Dustin by: Amber Fallon


Available at the link below, Chesya Burke’s Say, She Toy, was unlike anything I’ve ever read, and chances are, I probably never will again. If I do, I’d be very surprised.Clocking in at just 2,600 words, Burke’s science-fiction tale expertly explored the horrors of racism, sexism, prejudice, and abuse, albeit in ways one wouldn’t normally associate with such very serious issues: through androids. Chesya Burke’s prose was both visually and emotionally stunning, with not a wasted word in the bunch. I was reeled in from the opening sentence, and the words rushed by. I had to know more. I couldn’t finish it fast enough.

The ending was rather abrupt, and could have possibly benefited from a little more denouement, but simultaneously, maybe it didn’t need more.

4 stars

If her story in any way reflects the depth and strength of this anthology, I think it’s a very important volume; one that everyone needs to read.


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