Memoir Writing Assignment #2

*This suggestion asked me to write a two-three page description of a specific time that I struggled with a personal insecurity. I was instructed not to hold anything back, to be very specific. For instance, who was I with when the incident occurred? What made the experience significant? What did my thought processes look like? […]

The Walking Dead, “Find Me,” 10×18 (review)

Earlier in the week, a sneak peak of Find Me was circulating online, and it hinted at an unfamiliar name, simply known as Leah. My curiosity piqued, I clicked on the link and after watching the sixty or ninety second clip, I was baffled because it seemed out of place with the current storylines. Who […]

The Walking Dead, “Home Sweet Home,” 10×17 (a review)

Due to the pandemic restrictions, filming of season eleven was delayed, but all was not gloom and doom. For one, the previous season was extended by six, full-length episodes, making a total of twenty-two instead of the typical sixteen episodes. On the cusp of that, we soon learned that season eleven would be their last. […]