Random Update..

My family and I have been relatively quiet about the next adventure set before us, and by no means has the journey been simple or fast. Like anything worth pursuing, the road’s been bumpy, throwing us in many directions. That was quite frustrating at times. It required a fair amount of patience, gratitude, and guidance […]

The Only Good Indians (in-depth review)

bookshelves: literary, horror, buddy-read, we-need-diverse-books, native-american, magical-realism, hyped-books, owned-physical-copyRecommended to Dustin by: Curt (Facebook friend) Rating: 2/5 stars I’m always interested in the individual writer’s process, as each one is unique, coming from a different place, a different mentality, and each is equally fascinating. Naturally, when you read a work as celebrated as Stephen Graham Jones’ The Only Good Indians and are familiar with […]