Meandering musings..

“The only regrets in life are the paths not taken.” I ran a Google search of said quote, convinced that it had to be something I’d heard or read before (possibly something similar but worded differently,) but nothing came up. The quote abruptly made itself known in my head, as these things often do, and […]

War on Christmas (book review)

bookshelves: horror, novella, kindle, fantasy, favorites When tragedy befalls virtuous St. Nick on Christmas Eve, his hands are forced. As a result, he must join forces with an unlikely ally. Together, they collect information in order to combat hordes of demonic entities known as Naughties and, in turn, discover who (or what) is plotting against Santa Claus and his ilk. Yet […]

The Sword of Kaigen (book review)

bookshelves: challenging-literature, spfbo, grimdark, we-need-diverse-books, asian, science-fantasy, martial-arts, standalone, coming-of-ageRecommended to Dustin by: Michael Sliter Rating: 2/5 stars M.L. Wang won Mark Lawrence SPFBO competition in 2019, and having finished her novel a while ago and after a lot of consideration, I cannot understand why. I literally cannot wrap my mind around why it won, how it accrued so many gushingly positive reviews, or how it garnered […]