Dead Headspace (a podcast review)

Dead Headspace is podcast that doesn’t seem to get very much recognition. Given that it’s relatively new, a lot of readers and fans of dark fiction probably aren’t aware of it and I totally get that. It takes years to build up a loyal audience. But the quality of what Brennan LaFaro and Patrick R. McDonough bring to the program every single time is highly admirable and downright astounding. The conversations with authors (both traditional and Indie) is always classy and fascinating. Their topics of discussion aren’t limited to writing and/or reading, either, although naturally, the craft is the primary reason for the podcast. The panel often engages in respectful and healthy conversation regarding children with special needs, politics, serial killers, racial inequality, the realities of the endemic, and so much more. By the time an episode is over, you walk away feeling like you’ve gotten to know these people on more than a superficial level. It’s intellectual and not entirely concerned with selling books, although it is a means of helping the author and the audience. Check it out. I highly recommend it. In fact, I cannot begin to recommend the podcast enough. As of now, they only have two hundred-something subscribers on YouTube, and that genuinely baffles me. They should have more recognition than this. Their names should be known. And I’m not saying that Dead Headspace should be a huge channel in the relatively short time they’ve been around (it’s unrealistic to expect that,) but in light of some of the big name authors they’ve had on the program (like Richard Chizmar and Peter Straub,) and their passion for supporting Indie writers, you’d think their fan base would be a little larger, wouldn’t you?

5/5 stars


Thus far, if I had to choose a favorite episode, I’d have to go with the following, featuring the lovely Mercedes M. Yardley as special guest:

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