“Gina/Blair,” (a Tales of the Walking Dead television review)

I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. The fact that I enjoyed it more than the pilot episode surprises the hell out of me, because normally I LOATHE time loop scenarios (think Groundhog Day, with zombies,) and I think that’s because they wrote it somewhat differently. Sure, it became repetitive very quickly, but in […]

Tales of The Walking Dead, “Joe/Evie,” (television review)

After a sudden loss forces reclusive, former Ohio State football player, Joe, out into a world under populated by “toe-tags,” it’s not long before he meets an unorthodox companion. Written by Maya Goldsmith and Ben Sokolowski and directed by  Ron Underwood (Tremors,) the pilot episode of the latest spin-off, Tales of the Walking Dead, immediately […]