“Gina/Blair,” (a Tales of the Walking Dead television review)

I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. The fact that I enjoyed it more than the pilot episode surprises the hell out of me, because normally I LOATHE time loop scenarios (think Groundhog Day, with zombies,) and I think that's because they wrote it somewhat differently. Sure, it became repetitive very quickly, but in between each deja vu experience, they changed up the action and dialogue significantly, which meant that despite my irritation and frustrations, I was never really bored because there was always something interesting to keep me engaged. For instance, Gina (Jillian Bell,) learned to stop being a pushover,  to stand up to her overbearing boss. In what was perhaps my favorite scene of the entire episode, she finally spoke her mind, regardless of the consequences, and it was stunning. It was beautiful. On the other hand, Blair (Parker Posey,) learned to shatter the carefully constructed walls she'd erected around herself, and eventually she opened up to her counterpart and, in turn, the audience. Together, they collected clues in an aggressive (no longer passive,)  attempt to piece together what was going on and, more accurately, the cause of their time loop. In another remarkable scene, Gina gave voice to a theory she'd researched called Folie à deux, which is best described as a shared delusion. 

For more information regarding Folie à deux:


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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