Pet Sematary review

bookshelves: classics, horror-aficionados-group,mythology-folflore, re-read, favorites, coming-of-age Rating: 4/5 stars I’d wanted to revisit Pet Sematary for decades, but I had to work up to the courage. I knew the emotional toll it could take, and I feared that toll would be exponentially harder as a parent. Come what may, I’d decided to reread it sometime this year, but the release of the […]

The Night of Long Shadows (review)

Albie Robles and I’ve known each other for a couple years, thanks to the advent of social media and mutual friends on Facebook. He’s the owner of a great group, dedicated to Stephen King, specifically IT. Time lapsed, and I came to learn that we also share a fondness for writing. I’d like to think […]

Philanthropic Ways (a review)

bookshelves: inspirational, philanthropic-ways-group-read, religious, spiritual, kindle, coming-of-age Recommended to Dustin by: The Queen of Extreme Horror [aka, Angel] *3.5 stars* DISCLAIMER: I hadn’t heard of Philanthropic Ways prior to the author’s gracious invite to the group read. She provided free e-copies to the participants, for which I’m incredibly grateful, as I probably wouldn’t have taken a chance with it otherwise. Providing it wasn’t contingent upon […]

The Terror (review)

bookshelves: historical-fiction, horror, the-2019-tbr-challenge, challenging-literature, the-2019-a-z-challenge, mythology-folflore, favorites, sai-king-recommends  Recommended to Dustin by: Bondama Recommended for: Holly Torres Rating: 5/5 stars “A brilliant, massive combination of history and supernatural horror. Being marooned in arctic ice with nothing to eat but your shoes (or — gulp — a helping of shipmate stew) is bad enough; the unseen white monster stalking the nights is worse. Put a […]

The Velveteen Rabbit (review)

bookshelves: children-s-literature, classics, favorites,fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars   Originally published in 1922 by the George H. Doran Company with heartwarming illustrations by Jean Chandler (new to this edition, circa 1986,) Margery Williams wrote a magical (albeit long, for Children’s Literature,) story about a tattered and weary stuffed rabbit, on the cusp of losing all hope of discovering how to […]

Apex Magazine Issue #95 (partial review)

  bookshelves: to-read, short-stories, science-fiction,fantasy, anthology, want-to-own Recommended to Dustin by: Amber Fallon   Available at the link below, Chesya Burke’s Say, She Toy, was unlike anything I’ve ever read, and chances are, I probably never will again. If I do, I’d be very surprised.Clocking in at just 2,600 words, Burke’s science-fiction tale expertly explored the horrors of racism, sexism, prejudice, and abuse, albeit […]