The Velveteen Rabbit (review)

bookshelves: children-s-literature, classics, favorites,fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars   Originally published in 1922 by the George H. Doran Company with heartwarming illustrations by Jean Chandler (new to this edition, circa 1986,) Margery Williams wrote a magical (albeit long, for Children’s Literature,) story about a tattered and weary stuffed rabbit, on the cusp of losing all hope of discovering how to […]

Apex Magazine Issue #95 (partial review)

  bookshelves: to-read, short-stories, science-fiction,fantasy, anthology, want-to-own Recommended to Dustin by: Amber Fallon   Available at the link below, Chesya Burke’s Say, She Toy, was unlike anything I’ve ever read, and chances are, I probably never will again. If I do, I’d be very surprised.Clocking in at just 2,600 words, Burke’s science-fiction tale expertly explored the horrors of racism, sexism, prejudice, and abuse, albeit […]

Trick ‘Em All review

bookshelves: horror, short-stories, the-2019-tbr-challenge, favorites Recommended for: Holly Torres Rating: 4/5 stars   This was another short story from the Light brothers that was waiting patiently, percolating in my inbox since December, 2015.   Follow the link to read it for free: Welcome to Normal, America, where the most exciting things to occur are the inevitable argument with your […]

Dreams of Halloween review

  bookshelves: horror, short-stories, psychological,favorites Rating: 4/5 stars I’ve been a fan of both Evans and his brother, Adam Light, for at least three years. Probably closer to five. So it’s kind of surprising that although I’ve had the link to Dreams of Halloween and one by Adam, since December of 2015, I’m only now getting around to them. I’m […]

Garden of Grudges review

    Gwendolyn Kiste had long since been on my TBR. As an active member of the Horror Writers Association’s (HWA) Facebook group, as well as connections I’ve made over the years with Ross Lockheart, Anya Martin, and Leza Cantoral, amongst others, I was familiar with her work, but until today, I hadn’t had the […]

The Deathbroker review

C.M. Shigeta’s The Deathbroker is available for free at the author’s official site: DISCLAIMER: C.M. and I have many mutual friends online. We’re also members of a grimdark SF&F group on Facebook, which I believe is one of social media’s best kept secrets. We’ve chatted here and there these past few months, but only recently […]

Slade review

  bookshelves: classics, western, parody, short-stories,favorites Recommended for: Sai King completists Rating: 4/5 stars     Available for FREE online:… I first heard of Slade in early June of 2016. I never would’ve known it existed if I hadn’t seen it on my Goodreads news feed. I feel particularly indebted to that individual. Thank you. As I eventually learned, Slade was originally  published by […]