The Walking Dead, “Find Me,” 10×18 (review)

Earlier in the week, a sneak peak of Find Me was circulating online, and it hinted at an unfamiliar name, simply known as Leah. My curiosity piqued, I clicked on the link and after watching the sixty or ninety second clip, I was baffled because it seemed out of place with the current storylines. Who […]

The Walking Dead, “Home Sweet Home,” 10×17 (a review)

Due to the pandemic restrictions, filming of season eleven was delayed, but all was not gloom and doom. For one, the previous season was extended by six, full-length episodes, making a total of twenty-two instead of the typical sixteen episodes. On the cusp of that, we soon learned that season eleven would be their last. […]

The Whole Town’s Sleeping (review)

bookshelves: short-stories, nostalgic, horror, psychological, suspense, favoritesRecommended to Dustin by: Carrie Chi Lough Rating: 5/5 stars The hot blue-glass eyes of the mannequins watched as the ladies drifted down the empty river bottom street, their images shimmering in the windows like blossoms seen under darkly moving waters. Thankfully, my grandmother was spared the horror and devastation of 9/11, having passed away in […]

Knight in Paper Armor (review)

bookshelves: contemporary, kindle, arc, sci-fi, dystopian, political-intrigue, paranormal, social-issues, jewish, mythology-folflore, coming-of-ageRecommended for: fans of dystopian fictionThis was my first Nicholas Conley, but I’d heard of his other work before. Pale Highway and The Cage Legacy had been on my TBR for years. Needless to say, I was equally thrilled and surprised when he kindly afforded me the opportunity to read an ARC, in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my […]

A Dead Dijin in Cairo (review)

A Dead Dijin in Cairo kept popping up on my Goodreads news feed. Everything about it aroused my curiosity. Especially the premise, because it sounded unlike anything I’ve ever read. The author didn’t sound familiar, but soon I realized that P. Djeli Clark is the author of a book that’s been on my TBR for quite […]

The Deep (review)

bookshelves: buddy-read, psychological, mental-illness, horror, thriller, sci-fi, lovecraftian, favorites The old man’s head was covered in mantises. At first Luke thought it was a wig or some weird toupee—but he was at the southern tip of Guam, a few miles from the Pacific, and the man was wearing tattered clothes and what looked like old stripes of radial tires lashed to his feet. […]

Matilda’s Coffee Shop (a short story)

As promised, my first of many writing assignments courtesy of Judith Barrington’s Writing the Memoir. I hope you enjoy it. All constructive criticisms are welcomed and encouraged. Matilda’s Coffee Shop Towards the rear of Skyline Trailer Park in Moses Lake, Washington, stood a brown and white striped, single-wide mobile home. A narrow sidewalk divided the […]


For those who have followed and supported my blog for some time, you know I’m a passionate and eclectic reader. Some might even call me an avid one. Well, you also should know that I’ve been an active reviewer for many years, and that the main reasons why I created Flaggfan was that my opinions […]

Mexican Gothic (review)

bookshelves: gothic, historical-fiction, horror, mystery, we-need-diverse-books, bizzaro, buddy-read, favorites, psychological Rating: 4/5 stars I remember Silvia Moreno-Garcia popping up almost sporadically on my Facebook and Goodreads feeds as far back as a few years ago. But it wasn’t until 2019’s Gods of Jade and Shadow (best described as a dark, historical fantasy,) that I instinctively knew she was a big deal; that I needed to sample […]

Shattered Dreams (review)

bookshelves: kindle, indie-publishing, challenging-literature, grimdark, buddy-read, epic, political-intrigue, spfbo, intellectual, favorites Rating: 4/5 stars DISCLOSURE: I received an e-book copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own. Complacency is the greatest foe of peace. Once the things our forebears have struggled and died for become as much a fixture in life as sleeping and waking, we take them for […]