The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (review)

  bookshelves: horror, short-stories, fantasy, favorites Recommended for: Teresa Jean Tuck Rating: 5/5 stars   Introduction Stephen King’s introductions have always fascinated me. They serve a purpose, they aren’t just filler. Naturally, they had a different feel than his stories, but I’m still in the presence of King and he and I are engaged in meaningful conversation. But unlike most […]

Harry Potter Swag Giveaway!

  Would you like to win some truly AWESOME mechandise celebrating The One Who Lived? Then simply click on the link and enter. It’s that simple, and only takes a few moments. *Please note that you’ll be required to subscribe to the newsletter of the giveaway’s sponser, Megan Crewe, and possibly additional newsletters, but if […]

8 Writing Tips from Jeff VanderMeer

Originally posted on Chicago Review of Books:
I just completed my ninth novel, the first volume in the Adventures of Jonathan Lambshead series, working title “I am Squishy” (that will change, I’m sure). I’m also working on the tenth novel of my career, Hummingbird Salamander. This doesn’t include a number of unfinished or crappy novels written…

The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to his White Mother (review)

bookshelves:  memoir, favorites, historical-fiction,life-altering-books Recommended to Dustin by: Tanya Frueh Recommended for: everybody Rating: 5/5 stars   The Color of Water is a memoir told in two very distinct and powerful voices.  James McBride told the story about his white mother, raising her twelve mixed race children, caught (as the world was,) in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement, […]