March 7, 2017 (“Deflated, Part I”)

Dearest muse– Where are? Where have you been? I know you have not forsaken me, but it feels a lot like it. Worse yet, you continue to supply me with new and exciting story ideas; more so, in fact, than I’ll ever have time to write. Additionally, you’ve given me ideas for blog posts and […]

Post-NaNoWriMo (finding your bearings..)

February 4, 2017. It’s been  over a week and since then, I’ve done nothing. Seen nothing. Experienced zilch. I have felt nothing except increasing bleakness and despair. That’s right, the trend continues. I lay in bed most days, consuming hours upon hours, watching various television programs, some of which are comedic (like the distinctive personality […]

Update: January 27, 2017

Disclaimer: this is a rather long and personal post. But not too long or personal. Just thought I’d let you know.  I must confess that things with me have not gone as planned. I’ve failed to pick up a sketch pad, in order to begin practicing the basics of drawing. The desire is there. The […]

The Mystery Review

  Take one look at the byline and it’s clear that I did not write this review for Lacey Sturm’s The Mystery. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know until tonight that one of my biggest heroes had written a book, let alone two. I’m really big into Flyleaf right now, and, well, […]