Prancer (a film review)

In keeping the family tradition alive, we watched a film I hadn’t ever seen before. Prancer, starring the always impressive Sam Elliot, and introducing Rebecca Harrell Tickell, circa 1989 (I was just ten when this was released,) was incredibly well-done. What I appreciated most–which was a LOT– was that this film, directed by John D. […]

“The World Before,” 10×08 (a Walking Dead review) *contains no spoilers* In light of the final shocking moments of the previous hour, as well of the season’s thus far consistent display of suspense, paranoia, mystery, distrust, and further complications, I went into the mid-season finale with trepidation and excitement, all the while expecting good things. John Dahl’s exceptional direction of Julia Ruchman’s […]

The Living Few review

bookshelves: kindle, buddy-read, novella, science-fiction *2.5 rounded up to 3/5 stars* I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own. *2.5 rounded up to 3/5 stars* I went into this with zero preconceived notions. I only hoped it would be good. But after a less than a stellar prologue, I […]