Never Die review

  A bandit, a Shintei, an enigmatic young boy with an uncanny ability, and a leper. Near the end of 2018, reviews began popping up in social media feeds. I could be mistaken, but I think it was Grimdark magazine’s Mike Myers’ review, that particularly blew me away. From start to finish, his words were […]

Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked (a collection) Review

bookshelves: short-stories, horror, kindle, novella,favorites, psychological Recommended to Dustin by: the Horror Writers Association group. Recommended for: anyone looking for a new, exciting voice in the genre. Rating: 5/5 stars Many thanks of gratitude to the Horror Writers Association’s Facebook group, and especially the author, for making this opportunity possible. She provided a PDF file in exchange for an honest review. My […]

The Lacuna review

bookshelves: art, challenging-literature, historical-fiction, political-science-nonfiction, war, coming-of-age, buddy-read Rating: 4/5 stars ’The most important part of a story is the piece of it you don’t know.’ ‘If God speaks for the man who keeps quiet..’ the protagonist, Harrison Shepherd, said those words, too, trailing off as he infrequently did. ’But the question stood everlasting at my shoulder: Was it mine to tell? The stenographer, […]

I Was A Teenage (Bright Falls Mysteries, #1) review

Bookshelves: comedic, kindle, urban-fantasy,mythology-folflore, favorites, challenging-literature Recommended to Dustin by: numberous Grimdarklings members. Recommended for: fans of highly ambitious, and complex story arcs. Rating: 3.5 firm stars DISCLOSURE: I received an e-copy from the author in exchange of a review. My opinions are honest, fair, and my own. I fell in awe of CT Phipps’ urban fantasy world found in Straight Outta Fangton. Mindful of […]

NOS4A2 review (soundtrack included)

bookshelves: horror, psychological, favorites Rating: 4/5 stars Filled with imagination and great zeal, Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 is one I wish I’d read a long time ago. There was no excuse for neglecting it, as my friend and fellow writer, Evans Light, had generously sent me a hardcover copy in 2013 or ‘14. If I’d know then that Vic’s […]

All Is Well (review)

bookshelves: religious, short-stories, audiobook,favorites Rating: 3/5 stars ”All is well..”  For persons of faith, it’s a very familiar passage, and one that, unlike the mother and daughter protagonists in this heartwarming short story, has a profound impact on our everyday lives. Of course, their circumstances weren’t always so bleak. There was a time, like many of us, when […]