Random Update..

My family and I have been relatively quiet about the next adventure set before us, and by no means has the journey been simple or fast. Like anything worth pursuing, the road’s been bumpy, throwing us in many directions. That was quite frustrating at times. It required a fair amount of patience, gratitude, and guidance through prayer on the Lord. And He provided! In fact, He went above and beyond, for which we couldn’t be more grateful. What am I referring to, you ask? 

Well, in the interests of keeping this as short as possible, our residence will be changing on or around July 10th. We’re moving in with my Mother-in-Law, Brenda McCoin, for a couple reasons: 1.) being seventy and unable to do a lot for herself, we want to be there to help whenever and however we can. For at least a year now, Tanya’s been commuting from Tacoma to Auburn and back to help her with various wants and needs. Naturally, moving in together seemed like the next logical step; 2.) it made sense to combine our resources in order to afford an apartment– houses are too expensive– large enough for the four of us to live comfortably. 

But like I said, God went above and beyond any of our expectations. Not only did He give us what we needed, He made a way for us to have something special, something that Tanya and I have wanted for years but which I never expected to receive. What’s that,

you ask? An office/crochet room. Inexplicably, we were denied a three-bedroom (which is what we thought we could afford,) and were approved for nice four-bedroom. On the ground floor, too, as Brenda cannot do stairs. I cannot express how giddy and appreciative this makes me. Not just me, all of us. I’m like a child patiently waiting for the candy store to open, only instead of consuming sugar, I’ll finally have the space to dedicate to writing. Likewise, Tanya will have the much need space to store her yarn and other crocheting items. The office will also afford the quiet needed to read consistently. 

Furthermore, Carter will finally have his own room. He’s always shared a room with either us or Jeremiah. Now he can decorate it however he sees fit. It’ll be his own personalized space. He’s 8 ½ and he’s never really had free access to his toys or the room for train table. He’s excited to hang posters on the walls and string up LED lights around his bed and make it really cool and inviting, but also a quiet place where he can relax when needed. We’re excited for him! Not only that, but there’s a nice playground right across from where we’re moving (hopefully they’re good kids so that Carter can make new friends,) and a swimming pool and jacuzzi. It’s a nice, quiet neighborhood; one where we shouldn’t have to worry about hearing gunshots on a semi-regular basis, or hearing about stabbings in the same complex or just down the road, or profane drama which often leads to violence.

Additionally, we’re excited to be closer to family again. To actually attend church again. Carter misses Sunday School so much, and the ROOTED class is something that Tanya and I have been interested in for a long time now. I’m excited to hopefully connect with a local writing group, maybe check out live author events. I can’t recall the last time I felt this positive. I’m usually extremely pessimistic.

I have so many potential writing projects in mind and I really cannot wait to get started. Some new ideas but a lot of old, unfinished stories. I believe this is the path the Lord set in stone for my family and I, and I’m eager to see where it leads. I envision great things. Thank you, Lord, for making all this a reality, and thanks to everyone who’s reading this, as well as the MANY in our phenomenal support system. We love and appreciate every one of you! HUGS. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

–Jeremiah 29:11

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